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Brian and Justin's Christmuka Experience ContinuesBy guavejuice
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Author:[ profile] guavejuice
Timeline:Post 513
Beta:Kim [ profile] predec2 Can't thank you enough!!
A/N:This One Shot is a follow up to Brian and Justin's Christmukah Experience. Both stories are set in the same AU-ish 'verse. There's a Twelve year gap between the two.
I own nothing but this story.
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"What the fuck is that? You know I don't eat carbs after 7 p.m." Brian frowns as he spies a huge cardboard box with the logo of an artisan local bakery on it standing in the middle of the kitchen island.

Justin smirks at his partner, his eyes twinkling. He opens the top of the box, licks his lips, and leans over seductively, sticking his tongue out. "These are not for you anyway, geezer," he snorts.

Shuffling his feet across the hardwood floor from his work area over to the open kitchen, Brian raises an eyebrow and grabs Justin from behind, molding himself against Justin's perfectly shaped bubble butt. "You've always had quite a healthy appetite – for food, along with other things – but don't tell me you're gonna eat an entire box of doughnuts by yourself…" he whispers hotly in his husband's ear. "And by the way… who were you calling a geezer just now, twat?" he warns playfully in a gravelly voice.

Justin turns his head to look at Brian as the taller man continues to spoon him from behind. "I've got youth on my side, don't you know that? And, well…you can't avoid the fact that you are getting OLD, so…” he continues, hiding a grin as Brian scowls at him. “But just so you know, they’re actually for JR's Hanukkah party for her Hebrew School Girls’ Club. I told you I've been volunteering there once a week after work for the past few weeks, helping them get ready for the holiday, remember? I was up to my ass in arts and crafts material, helping them create candle holders and Hanukkah decorations…but I just couldn't refuse."

Brian gazes at him tenderly. “You are such a softie,” he chides him.

Justin huffs, knowing how his husband always takes such good care of not only Gus, but also JR. “And you’re so hard?”

He shakes his head, catching himself as he realizes what he just said before Brian replies, “Always. At least, when it comes to you,” he clarifies, reaching down to briefly squeeze Justin’s cock and hearing his gasp in response.

“Brian,” Justin laughs. “Stay on topic here, okay?” He groans. “Fuck, I feel so stiff. I’ve been on my feet all day.”

"Oh, is that all? Well, I know just the thing to relieve all that stress, and get you off your feet at the same time, too,” he declares, his voice low and sexy. He sticks his tongue inside his cheek, cupping the cheeks of Justin’s ass and kneading them in his large hands.

Justin lets out a delighted moan, but reluctantly pulls back with a chuckle. "As much as I'd like the idea of some horizontal stress management, I'm afraid I can't stay. I promised Mel I'd be there for the lighting of the first Hanukkah candle at the Girls’ Club this afternoon. It's a special occasion for them this time, since all the girls in JR's age group turned twelve this year. It means a lot to Mel for some reason. I guess it has to do with some Hebrew tradition or something…"

"I don't do traditions," Brian reminds him, kissing the soft spot behind Justin's ear. “Except doing YOU.”

Justin giggles as he turns around in Brian's arms to face him, shaking his head in amusement. “Why did I know you were going to say that? Well, maybe you should start some other traditions for a change…Dad. After all, you and Mel ARE her biological and legal parents, so it's the least you could do. Plus, she's Gus' half-sister, and they are BOTH your biological kids – Stud,” he adds as Brian rolls his eyes. “Isn't that reason enough to celebrate?"

Brian thought back to several years ago when Justin was about to commemorate his birthday, and Lindsay had said much the same thing. He brushed that rather unpleasant time out of his mind as he peered over at the doughnuts peeking out of the celephane box top. “You know…I've just realized those doughnuts resemble a certain part of the male anatomy, don't you think? Would those be appropriate for a Hebrew Girls’ Club holiday party?" he asks with a grin, enjoying his husband’s awkwardness. Even now after all this time, he enjoyed literally getting a rise out of Justin with merely his words. But he didn’t anticipate the fire that rose in the blue eyes, and the words that followed.

"Don't change the subject, Brian. Fuck, why do you still do that after all this time?"

Brian pretended to misinterpret his question as he replied flippantly, “What? Make you hard?”
Justin looks into Brian's deep, moss green eyes. “Don’t act so dumb. You know what I mean. Why are you still so afraid of facing your own emotions, even after all these years? You missed so much of Gus and JR's early childhood out of fear that you might turn out to be a shitty dad like Jack, but you know damn well that you are nothing like him. You're NOT. You're a great dad, and I know you love your kids very much." Justin puts the palms of his hands on either side of Brian's face and presses their lips together in a deep kiss. "And, yes, those doughnuts are somewhat risqué, I guess. But they were the only ones I could find on such short notice. I hope the girls – and their moms – won't be as perceptive as you are, Mr. Kinney…or have your dirty mind."

“I thought you liked my dirty mind,” Brian points out, rolling his tongue into his cheek.
Justin laughs. “I do…but let’s keep that between us, okay?” He flashes a smile and leaves another loving kiss on Brian's lips. "I've got to go get ready now. I'll be joining Mel and JR at the Club in about an hour. You're more than welcome to join me."

"The only club parties I went to didn't exactly involve a bunch of twelve-year-old girls decorating candle holders in pink and blue glazing while singing holiday carols," Brian notes, pulling his lips inward. “Not the reason why I used to be called a club boy.”

Justin rolls his eyes and shrugs. "Suit yourself. But don’t forget Debbie’s annual Christmas Eve Dinner. Mel, JR, and I might have to leave the Hanukkah party early to drive over to Debbie's. You know she'll be expecting you there. And you know she won't take your ‘no carbs after seven’ rule seriously, either; nor will she let you use it as an excuse to bail out. Plus, Gus and Lindsay might be there as well, and I know you wouldn’t want to miss seeing your son, especially…” Justin points out, his arms still around Brian's neck.

"Will you bring some of those doughnuts back to Deb’s after JR's party?" Brian asks, his voice soft and velvety.

"I guess I could save you a couple….if you ask nicely," Justin replies, his smile growing wider.
"Please?" Brian pleads softly, his warm breathing tickling Justin's ear and his voice leaving goose bumps all over his skin.

"Hmmm…Nice try, but I'm still not convinced. You can do better than that," he tells him impishly, peering expectantly into Brian's eyes.

Brian shrugs. “Well, I could be more persuasive if I wanted to, but you just said you're about to leave…" he reminds his husband, his hands already deep inside Justin's pants.

Justin’s pulse speeds up as he manages to reply, “Well, a few more minutes won't matter," urgently taking all of his clothes off while helping Brian do the same.

"Fuck, bed…NOW!" Brian demands, embarrassed at the thought he might come merely by looking at Justin’s lithe body. How was that still possible after all this time?

"No, no time…living room carpet,” Justin gasps out in a lust-filled voice as he pulls Brian urgently toward the plush rug lying in front of their fireplace.

"Urghhh…that was great!" he pants out breathlessly a few minutes later as they lie side-by-side on the rug in post-coital bliss.

"But so fucking fast…" Brian protests, trying to even out his breathing.

"We'll save the longer version for much later tonight once we're tucked in our bed waiting for Santa," Justin quips, pulling himself up into a sitting position to begin putting his clothes back on.

"I'm not sure I'll be up for it, after all the food Deb’ll jam down our throats," Brian deadpans.
"You'll be fine, I'm sure," Justin replies with a smirk. “You’re always ‘up’ for it.” He flashes him a beaming smile. "And by the way, I don't have problems with ANY kind of food groups after seven, whether it’s carbs…or protein.” Both men smile knowingly at each other when Justin’s phone rings as he reaches over to the coffee table where it was lying to answer it.

"Oh, hi, Mel. Yes, I was just about to leave. There was a slight unexpected delay, but I'm on my way. Give JR a kiss for me. And tell her that her dad says hello, too. We'll see you all later tonight at Deb's," he says before ending the call.

"Let the Chrismukkah festivities begin, then. This year they're going to be bigger and better than ever before," Justin predicts with a grin.

"Can't wait," Brian deadpans with a roll of his eyes. But Justin knows his husband well. Brian is not very good at playing Scrooge anymore. With a smile, he grabs the questionable treats and heads out the door, flashing a grin at his husband before closing the door behind him.


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That was great!

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Aw... thank you so so much for taking the time to read and comment. LJ was acting up real bad for the past few days ESP yesterday so it was quite a struggle to post this but I'm glad I did. I'm so pleased to know you enjoyed it. Thank you for your ongoing supportive feedback for my stories.
Lots more to come soon-ish and in 2017 *g*
Happy Holidays

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To you too :)


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