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Hey, there

I know I asked you this before, but can you please NOT friend me without asking me first?

I love having new flist-ers, but I always ask the person if it's ok to friend them, so I would like others to do the same. I can understand that LJ is a vast place, and people might want to friend me because they read my stories and liked them, or whatever (this is actually how I friended some of you in the first place, darlings... ) but I don't feel comfortable when someone friends me without notify me first.

Oh, and another thing, If you're into QaF B/J, B/J fiction and Adam, it's still not enough for me, sorry about that. I usually friend people who have posted at least more than two entries,or have commented to other people, and I liked what they had to say in their enrties or comments.

p.s it's a bit ironic that I keep this entry flocked, I know, but, well...
If any of you think I should change it so others could read it,let me know

ok, so this entry is not flocked now. please respect my privacy.
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I'm really thrilled right now,even though it's just a small milestone,but it's all mine!
I just noticed I reached a 20,000 personal post count over at the QaF board on FF (Fun Forums )
those of you who know me by now (and who still keep me on their flist LOL ) know how much I care for QaF and BJ and how much I love everything about them.

On November 2009 I was lucky enough to come across this wonderfull place I now call home,and even though I'm not there as much as I'd like to these days it's still another safe place for me. I love the way discussions are held there,everything is so friendly and respectfull,and it really is a fun place to spend a few hours every day.

thank you so much my dear dear friend [ profile] manueladb and my sweet [ profile] soulmatejunkee and [ profile] yellow_bird8 for being there for me,and for supporting me here as well. Manu,Steffi, and Carmen,you're the best!!
and last but not least the amazing [ profile] randysgirl_645 I know we don't get to talk too much here,Claudia,but you're the most amazing friend and a great mod, thank you so much for everything!!
and to Kate,(sorry ,I don't know your usename ;) ) I miss you so much,and I hope you'll stop by every now and than.

Huge Hugs,you guys!!
Any suggestions on how to throw myeslf a little 20K party,ya'll?
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I've been having fun here for quite a while (ok,ok,you're on to me,Iv'e been here almost all afternoon,since I came back from work,with a little break to feed the dog and grab a cup of coffee LOL )and I've been enjoying your v day fics,graphics and posts (yeah for the most amazing pairing ever *sighs* )
I also checked [ profile] amelialourdes v day project to see if my posts were there (they ase,see if you can find them,y'all! ) and was so pleasntly surprised to see that some of you posted some for me.thanks so much guys!!

I'd like to thank all of for your support on my drabbles. your comments and love means so much to me.I feel so inspired and creative,and I can't wait to get home and write. I'm loving it a lot,I'm posting in on my LJ because that's my way of showing my BJ love and the way I wanted/needed it to be. I love the creative process,and your support and encourgmant are definitley an added bonus <333

oh,and I thought about a new drabble today (it's actaully a kind of part 3 to the v day drabble I already posted. there is actually a part 2,already written and waiting to be posted... ) but before I write it I and want to make sure I'll have the facts right,so -
How old would Justin and Ben be this year? (they share a birthday,remember?... ) I figured out Justin should be 28,and Ben should turn 41,but I might be wrong.can anyone out there help me with that? thanks (I'm planning a nice drabble based on that *shhh* )

oh,and last but certainly not least,Adam didn't win a Grammy last night,but he was there,and he looked amazing.I planed to watch the whole thing,but went to bed before it even started. I had a "dream date" with another hawt guy.... *flails*

ep 309

Feb. 7th, 2011 09:44 am
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I should actually be resting right now,but since I'm not I might as well take advantage of my sick leave to share a very important detial I noticed last night while I was rewatching 309 on my DVD's (and yeah,I finally decided to skipp the "marathon of pain",and go straight to 308,with just a glimps of 301&307 *sighs* )

well,the thing is that after that mindblowing Brian'swalk towards the bedroom,we see the trick take off his coat,and then Brian is just standing there,not facing him.I rewatched it million times,but only yesterday I realized that the way Brian stood there emplyed that he might not have his 11 o'clock appointmant after all...
yeah,I know it's just me,you obviously don't have to agree,it's just a little something I wanted to share

*goes to grap a huge mug of tea with Lemon and Honey*
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yes,I'm now the not so proud owner of a shiny black beautiful box which I can't use the way I want to.
at least I'm able to laugh about it now,right?
thanks for all you help Flist,it means a lot to me,even if it didn't solve the problem

*goes to YT to try and watch my beloved boys *


Dec. 7th, 2010 10:02 am
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It's a school holiday here and I was planning to take my nephews to a movie (Tangled ) and than have a fun day at the mall. I already booked the tickets and everything but my nephew just called to informe me their dad (my borther ) punished them so we won't get to spend the day together.
I was obviously very upset over this,because as much as I know kids could often get to be annoying brats,still it was supposed to be my special day with them,and we've been talking about it for a long time.
well,apparently he decided to delay the punisnmant for now because he just called me to say he lets me take them.
I don't get that. I really don't.
life is not a fairy tale story,I guees...

in other news...
I'm preety tangled in another issue here. there is a very close tie between my fav boys on this AfterAlton best of the year poll.
it's Chris Culfer against Adam.
well,I guess it only goes to show these guys are not just my obsession.

and finally,thanks my dear friend ,sara, for talking me back down memory lane last night with all those TT and RW songs.
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so he's landed in Finland,where his giving one concert tomorrow night (we're in the same time zone,more or less,finally LOL )and than he's off to Sweden,Germany,Italy (lucky for you,Pam ;) ) France, UK... all over the place,actually.

this is the final leg of his GN international tour,so I was just thinking how great it's been to follow him around on YT and live the experience through so many kind and beautiful people I met in that great global village called the internet since June.
once again I won't be there in the audience,but I'll be there in spirit,filled with so much love for this amazing young man who touched my life and brought me so much joy in the past two and a half years.
so have fun on stage,bb,I know you will,even though you've done this over 80 times already, but that's what you do,becasuse it doesn't mean a thing if you're not connected with love.

have a blast!


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