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So I'm back and I'm onm my PC and to my disappointment I'm stii on the new version of LJ with no option to switch to my old and fav version and I can't read ANYTHING that's under any LJ cut, not on my own previous entries and not on my friend's entries.

What freakes my out even more is that things were okay until around 3.00pm my time but when I loged into LJ few moments later... things have changed.

I really hate this!!!

Not only I can't read other people's entries and stories I can't post new stuff because the new version is simply SO not user friendly not to mention all the usernames and LJ cuts become one big fucking mess (and not in a PLAW...)

When I click on the LJ cut line I get the collupse notification but then ... nothing.

I. can't. even...

I know LJ had some problems before but this is something I've never excpirenced here and what's even more frusdtrating is that IDK who to fix it!!!!


So now I noticed that:
When I log on LJ I get a little pop up yellow notification that says Error: error accured during ratings fetch:internal error. *EEEEK* Should I gut into extreme freaking out mose now?????



Feb. 4th, 2013 06:33 pm
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Click on this link )

and start reading my dear friend's Vonnie [ profile] yvonnereid story.

It's been a while since I read multi chapter B/J fic. I just read the first chapter of vonnie's story and I'm already hooked.

What a way to keep the love alive!!

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Hey, there

I know I asked you this before, but can you please NOT friend me without asking me first?

I love having new flist-ers, but I always ask the person if it's ok to friend them, so I would like others to do the same. I can understand that LJ is a vast place, and people might want to friend me because they read my stories and liked them, or whatever (this is actually how I friended some of you in the first place, darlings... ) but I don't feel comfortable when someone friends me without notify me first.

Oh, and another thing, If you're into QaF B/J, B/J fiction and Adam, it's still not enough for me, sorry about that. I usually friend people who have posted at least more than two entries,or have commented to other people, and I liked what they had to say in their enrties or comments.

p.s it's a bit ironic that I keep this entry flocked, I know, but, well...
If any of you think I should change it so others could read it,let me know

ok, so this entry is not flocked now. please respect my privacy.
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Hey, flist, and everyone else who might read my stuff,

I usually try not to post all my B/J stuff in one day, but I'll be a bit busy this week, so I decided to post this week's drabylon prompt and my qaf drabble challenge today.

I hope it's not too much spamming for you, but I guess there's no such thing as enough lol

Have a nice week =)

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So... I just wanted to let you know I posted the third and final part of "Things We Didn't Say" series earlier today, on my LJ.

I want to take this opportunity and thank all of you for your kind, supportive comments and feedback.

Comments are love, and it really means a lot to me.

As always I'd love to thank my amazing beta and dear friend Amanda [ profile] mander3_swish

I couldn't have done that with out you, darling. I learnt so much from you.thank you for for putting up with me ;)

Thank you my dear talented friend Viv [ profile] foreverbm for the stanning banner, and for the computer skills 101 crash course , and so much more.

Smooches and hugs to all of you,

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Hi,flist (and every one who reads this... )
I've been thinking about it for quite a while, and decided I will unlock my B/J drabbles and fics, again, so that other people here can join in and share my B/J love.
I have to thank my dear friend Anne [ profile] adoringaudience ,because after I read her entry here earlier this week I made my decision.
I LOVE reading QaF/BJ fics, and I was lucky enough to read some really good stuff in the past 18 months, for which I have to thank my darling Manu [ profile] manueladb for all her great recs.
I'm totally in love in writing fics,though. I find myself sitting at work(shh..don't tell LOL ) scribeling away on tiny pieces of papar...
So... to make a long story short (not more that 300 words? I'll try ;) ) I am unclocking my stuff, and hope for the best.
my other enrties would be still flocked.
have a great weekend, ya'll!!
p.s and as always,a huge thank you to my partner in crime, Amanda [ profile] mander3_swish
I couldn't have done this without ya!!! *smooches*
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Happy birthday,my dear Cindy!!!
Have a great day,filled with lots of love and light,
and may all your dreams come true.
(you're one step away from the big 5-0 club,after all... LOL )
your are such an amazing lady,I'm so happy we got to meet here.
huge hugs
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I hope you're all doing fine.
I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to tag all my recent NC-17 B/J fics under "After we're married series" tag, because I feel these fics (and a few more yet-to-be posted fics ) deserve their own place together. you can still read them as one shots,of course.
I'm having sooo much fun exploring that side of B/J post 513 relationship,and I can't tell you how great it is to share it all with you.
thank you so much for your comments and your support.
and thank you sooo much my amazing Amanda [ profile] mander3_swish for your beautiful beta work,your kindness and your friendship. I couldn't have done this without you!!
still more to come,ya'll!
huge hugs to all of you

btw, just for the record-
B/J are having unprotected sex in here out of their own free will,and because they
are both responssiable adults in a long term commited relationship.
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My Dear Nastya!!
I just read you're leaving...
please,if there is anything I can do to talk you out of it,please let me know!!
I can understand why you're so upset,and it makes me sad,too,but please, listen to me for one more second. Are you listening?
the whole point of LJ,at least as I see it,is to have a place you can call your own,a safe place where you can come to when you feel you had enough of the cruel big world outside. A place where you can do what makes you feel happy. that is why I'm here.
You are really one of my close friends here,and even though we've never met I feel you understand me completely and this is why I feel I can share so many things with you.
I could,of course use so many wity,beautiful QaF quats right now,but I won't. I'll just thank you for your friendship and hope you do decide to return someday.
and remember,in your most fav BJ scene (203; aaamazing ) Brian waits,with open arms, for Justin to walk down the street,and as Justin finaly gets there and tells Brian that he wasn't sure he would be able to do it Brian answered : "I was!".

I belive in you!!
all my love to you
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I'm really thrilled right now,even though it's just a small milestone,but it's all mine!
I just noticed I reached a 20,000 personal post count over at the QaF board on FF (Fun Forums )
those of you who know me by now (and who still keep me on their flist LOL ) know how much I care for QaF and BJ and how much I love everything about them.

On November 2009 I was lucky enough to come across this wonderfull place I now call home,and even though I'm not there as much as I'd like to these days it's still another safe place for me. I love the way discussions are held there,everything is so friendly and respectfull,and it really is a fun place to spend a few hours every day.

thank you so much my dear dear friend [ profile] manueladb and my sweet [ profile] soulmatejunkee and [ profile] yellow_bird8 for being there for me,and for supporting me here as well. Manu,Steffi, and Carmen,you're the best!!
and last but not least the amazing [ profile] randysgirl_645 I know we don't get to talk too much here,Claudia,but you're the most amazing friend and a great mod, thank you so much for everything!!
and to Kate,(sorry ,I don't know your usename ;) ) I miss you so much,and I hope you'll stop by every now and than.

Huge Hugs,you guys!!
Any suggestions on how to throw myeslf a little 20K party,ya'll?
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actually I'm freaking out >.<

ok,explain it to me like I'm a 3 year old... I take EVERY step possible to protect my safe place, I get this beautiful "friends only" banner, (thank you again,my dear Viv! ) I use the friends only option on my entries,and yet I don't feel compeletly safe...
so,listen, [ profile] bloodvesselqaf I don't know you,you're NOT on my flist,I never read any of your comments to one of my friends entreis,and I never commented on yours. I don't know how you got on my flist,but again I must ask you to leave!!
thank you!!

I will leave this entry unlocked,so you might have a chance to read it,but that's it...
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I am truely touched by the friendship and kindness of my dear friends Viv and Kathleen,for their support,encourgmant and talent,and for taking the time to help me,since yesterday.
I was about to give up the whole banner thing,but you two showed me that I should never lose hope.
I really have to thank you for providing me with that safty net,calming me down and telling me not to worry about it.
you have no idea how much it means to me,ladies. it's so much more than just the actuall banner stuff (which turned out amazing,btw!! )
you restored my faith in the goodness of humen nature and showed me the true meaning of friendship.
there are so many amazing people on my flist who spread their goodness everyday,but I felt I needed to say that to the both of you.
I wish there was something I could do to pay you back.
huge hugs

um,well I guess you two know there is no way I'll be able to post a hot yummy BJ/BK/AND/OR/GH pic here,as much as I'd love to =D
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thank you soo much,sweet Lyn [ profile] spike7451 for that cute v day vgift!! you're so sweet and I wish you all the love in the world.
btw,I sent you a v day message on [ profile] amelialourdes v day project. try to find it ;)
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I've been having fun here for quite a while (ok,ok,you're on to me,Iv'e been here almost all afternoon,since I came back from work,with a little break to feed the dog and grab a cup of coffee LOL )and I've been enjoying your v day fics,graphics and posts (yeah for the most amazing pairing ever *sighs* )
I also checked [ profile] amelialourdes v day project to see if my posts were there (they ase,see if you can find them,y'all! ) and was so pleasntly surprised to see that some of you posted some for me.thanks so much guys!!

I'd like to thank all of for your support on my drabbles. your comments and love means so much to me.I feel so inspired and creative,and I can't wait to get home and write. I'm loving it a lot,I'm posting in on my LJ because that's my way of showing my BJ love and the way I wanted/needed it to be. I love the creative process,and your support and encourgmant are definitley an added bonus <333

oh,and I thought about a new drabble today (it's actaully a kind of part 3 to the v day drabble I already posted. there is actually a part 2,already written and waiting to be posted... ) but before I write it I and want to make sure I'll have the facts right,so -
How old would Justin and Ben be this year? (they share a birthday,remember?... ) I figured out Justin should be 28,and Ben should turn 41,but I might be wrong.can anyone out there help me with that? thanks (I'm planning a nice drabble based on that *shhh* )

oh,and last but certainly not least,Adam didn't win a Grammy last night,but he was there,and he looked amazing.I planed to watch the whole thing,but went to bed before it even started. I had a "dream date" with another hawt guy.... *flails*
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I'll purchase a first class airline tickets for a luxurious world summer tour to visit all my wonderfull flist around the globe-
Italy,Ireland,Germany,Russia,Oz,and the USA!! (hope I didn't forget anybody LOL )

and I'll be bringing all of you some beautiful great gifts I bought with the rest of the prize money,of course!!


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