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there is some new and exciting Adam stuff around so check out

YAHO!music for My Grammy interview
Lindsay Parker did a great interview with Adam this there's a vid there!! he looks stunning,and I looove the way he speaks.
there are some very reecnt new hawt pics of Adam.check out the hair,the outfit and the attitude!!
Adam was on the show to talk about his Grammy nom.check out his amazing pics there.
hawt pics of Adam at a Grammy pre party this sure to check out his new leather pantz!!

this is all so very exciting,don't you think?
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Adam appeared on a VH1 morning show called jump start on January 14th. I could only find a link to a download but since those of you who know me by now(and still keep me on their Flist LOL ) know that I'm totaly lame when it comes to this, I would love it if someone posted a YT link or fact I don't know if they only showed one of his music videos there,or if he was actually there for an interview (well,he is a Grammy nominie after all, y'all!! ) but it would be nice to watch.
thanks, you guys.
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just like that.after he rocked my world, touched my soul and inspired me evey day for six months,he just smiled a beaming smile and said thank you and good night.
just like simple,so true,so him.
I wouldn't have it any other way.


Dec. 17th, 2010 06:27 pm
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so,it's official.the Glam Nation Tour is over. after 6 months around the world Adam and the gang came back to L.A and gave a mind blowing preformence *sighs*
Adam is really one of a kind.he is such a true artist,so talented,so commited to his craft,so dedicated,so loving.

his last show yesterday was quite emotional for me,even though I wasn't even there.It's been an amazing journy and the road is still wide open.

btw,this amazing icon was made especially for me today by the very talented GliterGlits.she's not on LJ,as far as I know,but I thank her anyway.



Dec. 9th, 2010 09:14 am
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one last attempt (I promise... ) to post a link. just because he's such a rock gwed.

I know there is a 99% this link won't work,but still I had to give it one last chance.
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this is HUGE!!!
I so want to hug him right now!!
Adam is a Grammy nominee!!!!!
I can't belive I'm typing it!!
it couldn't have happened to a more deserving artist!! omg,he's not even in the "new artist" category,he's in the "best male pop vocal" category together with MJ!!!
this is such a huge honor. I've been following Adam since his journy began and WWFM,which is one of my all time fav song really does symbolize the long road he's taken.
I really feel proud today.

even if he doesn't win the actual award,he already won my heart.


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