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-Sunday Morning, Britin-

"What's the matter Brian?" Justin asks as he noticed Brian's long lean figure lounging in bed.
Brian shrugs absently, his beautiful chiseled face buried in his phone.

"Hey, what's up?' Justin asks more adamantly.

"Haven't you seen it?" Brian eventually speaks.

"Seen what? " Justin replies a bit impatiently.

"This!" Brian pulls his lips inwards and shows his phone to Justin.

Justin's jaw almost drops and he shakes his head in disbelief. "I can't believe this, what's come over you? We’re less than a week away from one of the scariest elections of our lifetime and all you have to care about is this… this stupid meaningless matter?" Justin feels his face warming up.

"I thought YOU of all people should find it disturbing," Brian shrugs still staring at his phone.

"What I find disturbing is that people don't seem to mind what's going on around them. I was thinking YOU of all people should mind, or at least try to do something about it," Justin says.

"Oh I am a concerned citizen as I'm sure you know but … " Brian scoffs.

"But what?" Justin's voice goes up an octave. "Never mind, don't bother. I have to head out now anyway," he continues.

"It's Sunday morning, where the fuck are you going?" Brian tries to protest.

"I can't sit still while all this is happening, I signed up to volunteer at this event… " Justin explains.

"What kind of event?" Brian asks "And please don't tell me it involves roaming the streets armed with hand guns wearing pink Tee shirts and combat boots," His voice softens.

"No, nothing of that sort," Justin smiles and walks across to the bed. "It's more of an indoor kinda thing where we sit and make last minute phone calls to encourage people to vote," he says bending over to press his lips to Brian's.

"It reminds me of the whole Stop Prop 14 thing," Brian says after they break the kiss, his fingers trail quietly across Justin's lips.

"And look where we are NOW, " Justin exclaims. "I'd hate to think that everything we've achieved... all this progress might go down the drain,"

"You're so fucking hot when you get all passionate about these things," Brian notes in a husky voice.

"You're more than welcome to join me. I think it would do you good to fight for a just cause again instead of sitting here staring at this fucking emoji, " Justin says.

"I beg your pardon Taylor. I'll have you know that the peach is not just any emoji. The peach has served as the stark symbol of a butt since the day the fruit was introduced but as of next week all this would be taken away because they're updating this shit to look more like an actual peach and less like a cartoon ass. It's… it's a direct attack on our sexting lives. I mean… what should we do once it's gone? Are we actually supposed to spell out the word “butt” now in all our texts about butts? I say bring the peach butt back!" Brian concludes sticking his tongue inside his cheek.

"I had no idea you feel so strongly about this," Justin replies, throwing himself back into bed next to Brian taking the phone out his hand and putting it aside. "I didn't know you're such an emoji connoisseur by the way,"

"You KNOW I can't resist a decent sexting session every once in a while to get me through a boring business meeting" Brian groans,"ESPECIALLY when a certain peachy butt is involved," he continues seductively reaching out to grab Justin's ass.

Justin whimpers and lets out a low groan. "Okaaay,I get where you're going with this Brian but I have to go. I have to be there by 11 a.m. Good luck to you braving this new world in which you're forced to leave the peach behind, "

"It's only 9.45 a.m. Sunshine, and I'm certainly not going to leave THIS peach behind," he slaps on Justin's bubble butt. " Comm'on, we've got enough time for at least one quick fuck," Brian says in a husky voice tagging on Justin's shirt.

"Is that all I am to you, just a quick fuck?" Justin smirks. Brian smiles as he flops Justin on his back and pins him to the mattress "Of course not," he moans into his partner's ear.
He positions himself closer to Justin's opening making sure to lube and massage him before he moves further. Justin slightly lifts his blond head from the pillow, his bright blue eyes sparkle as he fixes his gaze on his partner.

"What?" Justin inquires cheekily as he noticed Brian's grin.

"Oh, I dunnu... it's just that some asshole told me long ago that sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things for what you believe in," Brian answers quietly before he grabs Justin legs and lifts them as high as possible then rests them on either sides of his own shoulders.

"Guess it means you will come with me to that event?" Justin asks in a distorted voice as Brian's thrusts inside him become more intense and rapid thus creating more friction and putting pressure on his prostate.

"Oh but first I neeed to cum in a whole different way," Brian whispers under his breath tightening his grip on his lover's perfectly shaped ass.


Date: 2016-11-12 01:35 pm (UTC)
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That was terrific!

Date: 2016-11-12 02:51 pm (UTC)
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I'm so pleased to know you enjoyed this. It means a lot. I actually wrote it before the election btw *sigh*


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