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Author:[ profile] guavejuice
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Timeline:103 gap filler- AU-ish
A/N: Originally Written for August Challenge @EKG_Club.
Disclaimer:I own nothing but this story.
Comments are love.

-Babylon, Friday Night-

"Heya mate,"



"I'm kinda new here…"

"I can see that,"

"This place's great. Great crowd, great music..."

"Hmm… not quite but it fills the void,"

"S..sorry, I think I lost you,"

"Not likely, not with that much body oil rubbed all over you. I mean guys tend to do that around here but… you really went for it didn't you?"

"You think so? I'm only here for a short visit and I wasn't sure if it's the right thing to do. It's kinda common in my country… the body oil I mean..."

"Where are you from exactly?"

"I'm from a small beautiful peaceful island in the Pacific Ocean…"

"Okay, Enough with the Geography lesson, we're in Babylon. Around here there's no need to know your name or where you came from, until you feel the need to come that is,"
_ _ _ _

-Babylon, few minutes later-



"What are YOU doing here?"

"I'm just having fun with my friend Daphne,"

"How did you get in smart ass?"

"Do you really give a shit? Well Vic gave me his old Babylon membership card if it's any concern of yours, I am going to get a fake ID soon though…"

"Wise guy,"

"Oh and you're so smart? Don't falter yourself,"


"Umm I don't mean to interrupt but… are you two dating or anything? 'cause it feels kinda weird and I wouldn't want to get into it,"

"Oh, I was just leaving anyway, "

"Good, He's gone. So where were we? Oh, right. Tell me stranger I need to know, did you grease the pole as well?"

"Pfff… sounds like a lousy joke,"

"What did YOU just say twat?"

"I said it's a lousy joke Brian,"

"Okay, Taylor,if you'll excuse us… Mr. Body Oil and I have some urgent matters to attend to in the back room. "


"Umm, guys... listen, I don't mind a threesome but… Who are YOU?"

"His name's Justin but it doesn't really… we're not really… Hey, hey wait... where the fuck are you going? I wanted to show you around,"

"I bet you did. Sorry Mister, I thought you're single and ready to mingle but I'm obviously wrong. Go back to your boyfriend, I'll be fine,"

"Wait… what??? He's not my Boyf…"

__ __ _ _ _

-Babylon, Later that night-


"And hello again to you too Brian. Had a busy night?"

"Shut the fuck up, I wasn't talking to you,"

"Why the long face then lover boy? Mr. Hunkalicious ran away and left you all alone? Aww poor thing, let me kiss your boobo…"

"Okay, that's it. Let's get out of here,"

"Okay cool. The back room awaits Mr. Kinney,"

"Oh no, There's been a slight change of plans. We're going back to the loft. And brace yourself, I've got a whole bottle of body oil in my drawer with your name on it,"

"Ha! Is that a threat? Hey, what the fuck are you doing? You're high as fuck Brian, Put me down… "


"I'm NOT high, I just wanna eat your ass and not a moment too soon,"

"Shut up and kiss me STUD,"

"I thought you'd never ask Sunshine,"





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