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Picture of You3
Banner and screen caps by [ profile] kinwad thank you so much!
QaF screen cap taken from QaF caps.

Author:[ profile] guavejuice
Timeline:Post 513
Justin's POV
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Disclaimer:I own notrhing.
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I'm still on top of you, as you lay on the pool mattress . The white surface provides such a brilliant contrast to your deep golden skin tone and your hazel colored eyes.

I grind against you sensually, slowly pressing our swollen cocks together against one another, touching each other's throbbing veins and soft creases.

"I need you now, Brian." I whisper, reaching my fingers to pump your already leaking cock.

"Not here." You groan back. Despite years of fucking and sucking in back rooms you still only feel intimate with me in bed, don't you?

We let ourselves out of the pool and walk into the living room.

I wouldn't mind staying here but you push me gently towards the stare case to our bedroom on the second floor. Before our bodies hit the mattress I notice I'm still clutching the sketch pad I carried inside from the garden in my hand. When you wrap your strong arms around me the pad drops softly to the floor with silent sound of sheets of paper as the wind flips through them.

It lands facing up with the my recent drawing for you to see.

A picture of you. The one I drew earlier this afternoon when you fell asleep outside by the pool. I bend over to pick it up. It looks so familiar. It's as if I already drew you once before in the same exact position in a very similar setting. It's weird because I remember drawing you but I can't remember when.

I've drawn, painted, sculptured and even created computerized graphic images of you more than a few times in the twelve years I've known you. Some versions were presented in more than a few prestigious art shows from New York to London. For some reason I feel that the first time I drew you sleeping peacefully on a mattress with your slightly deflated cock is in full display and such a calm and candid expression on your face wasn't this morning by the pool.

"What's the matter?" you ask me so softly my heart is about to burst.

"I was just wondering..." I answer, throwing myself in our bed beside you.

"Wondering how long can my cock wait for your ass?" you ask. God, I love your dry straight forward wit just as much as I adore said cock.

"Not exactly." I answer. "I was actually wondering when was the last time I drew your cock, I mean you." I lick the insides of his mouth.

"I don't remember, twat." you continue to be your usual charming self.



I suddenly pull myself from the mattress. "I remember now. It was a small drawing I made of you sleeping after you allowed me to stay at the loft more than once. I remember it was presented at an art show at the Gay and Lesbian center. The one my mom attended. God, I was so embarrassed but it was great to see my first art work framed. I wonder where this drawing ended up..." I stop in mid sentence as I feel your fingers on the small of my back and your voice encouraging me to go back to bed.


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