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Timeline: Post 513
A/N:Sort of a sequel to The Morning After.
Disclaimer:I own nothing but this story.
Comments are love.

-Kinnetic, a few days before NYE-

"Are you sure you're going to go ahead with it Brian?" Cynthia asks.

"Listen Bri, I wouldn't usually interfere in your decisions but…" Ted says getting a death glare from his boss.

"Listen to me you two… are you listening? I'm a grown man, I can do whatever the hell I chose to do. I don't need your permission to have an office party here tomorrow. Now get out and go back to work. I'll let you know if I need anything later today,"

"Maybe we shouldn't worry so much Cyn," Ted says as they step outside Brian's office closing the door behind them.

"I KNOW but…have you seen the insane amount of Champaign cases he's ordered? " Cynthia chuckles.

"It's New Year's maybe we shouldn't be so over protective of him," Ted tries to put Cynthia's mind at ease.

"I can't agree more you guys. Leave the over protecting thing to me," Justin cheers as he enters the lobby sporting his trademark beaming smile.

"Good thing's someone taking care of him," Cynthia smiles.

"Maybe he'll listen to you," Ted says.

"Not likely, I mean the man is stubborn as a mule but I might be able to convince him. I have my ways you know," Justin smirks. He nods curtly to Cynthia and Ted before he walks towards Brian's office.

_ _ _ _ _

"Are you decent?" Justin asks cheekily, knocking softly on the door then stepping inside right away .

"Do you really need to ask?" Brian snorts back. Sitting behind his desk in his black leather chair he looks up to gaze at Justin, tucking his tongue inside his cheek in anticipation.

"Nice try, " Justin huffs "But I can't stay long. I just came in here to make sure you're okay..."

"I'll be better than okay in a few moments once my dick would be inside your tight little ass Sunshine," Brian groans.

"I'm flattered but I already told you I can't stay… I just wanted to remind you what happen to you on Christmas morning…" he smirks.

"Fuck you Taylor, why are you torturing me? Wait.. was that Cynthia and Theodore's idea to call you so YOU would try and talk me out of organizing one hell of an office party?" Brian rants with a raised eye brow. "If so then it's too late. Emmett is already planning the refreshments he'd promised to provide as we speak, not to mention the hot waiters,"

"Well… no it wasn't exactly THEIR idea but I guess you can say we're all a bit… apprehensive," Justin says, conveniently ignoring his husband's 'hot waiters' remark. "Don't get me wrong Brian,Christmas morning was fucking fabulous but remember the side effects Champaign can have on you... You know how wild office parties can sometimes get..." he continues, his blue eyes twinkling.

"I'll be careful this time, I promise," Brian answers, folding his lips inwards. "The only thing I AM a bit worried about is that I won’t be able to resist the sight of an opened Champaign bottle once the cork popps off during the party. I mean… isn't it the hottest thing you've ever seen?" Brian says huskily.

"You definitely have a point there but… NO the hottest thing ever is you cumming inside me when we do it raw..." Justin's voice drops.

"Can't argue with that..." Brian says, his eyes fixed on Justin as the blond walks slowly and seductively towards the desk.

"I thought you said you're not staying long," Brian whispers.

"Ha! Don't say I didn't warn you… STUD," Justin answers under his breath before he saddles himself on Brian's lap.

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